We keep on staff only the best professionals full-time working for you. Our employees retentions is at 97%. We only hire when we are growing. That said, we are now growing and accepting applications for many positions. Below are a list of the special few who made the cut.

Umesh Kamboj | Software Developer

Umesh has been with Convo for over 5 years successfully working as lead developer for many of our software development projects.

Kahaan Singh | Lead Developer

Laurene Bloomfield | Project Manager

Organization is Lauren’s life. She earn her respect for some of the top tech manufactures in Canada. After running multi-million dollar projects for a 3 years, Laurene join Convo to help us with software development projects as a Scrum Master. We are in good hands with Laurene.

Saurel Dominique | Sales & Marketing Manager,

Saurel worked for many other large agency as technical online marketer and ecommerce developer. Before co-founded Convo he worked with a team of engineers developing software for ecommerce big data machine learning.

Uli Benoke | Graphic Designer, Front-end (HTML/CSS/Javascript)